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The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) sectoral fact sheets



The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) offers fact sheets to showcase Canadian expertise in specific green technology applications in a variety of sub-sectors.



Clean Energies


Canada's Clean Power Sector



Leading the shift to a smarter and

cleaner grid


Creating a clean power sector



Canada's Energy Efficiency



Shaping a low carbon future



Canada's Energy Storage



Building blocks for the future of energy



Canada's Smart Grids



Designing grids for the digital future




Canada's Renewable Energy for Mines



World class experience and customized

solutions for mines



Canadian Clean Technologie and Renewable Energy for Mines



Leading the mining sector's transition to

cost-efficient, low-carbon energy solutions



Canada's Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reductions for Mines



Canadian firms are driving energy and

carbon savings for global mining operations



Canada's Energy Storage & Mining Microgrids



Canada's proven technologies and

customized applications for mines



The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps companies navigate the complexities of international markets and make better business decisions. The TCS is on the ground in more than 160 cities worldwide. We gain market intelligence, uncover opportunities for Canadian companies and help reduce business costs and risks. The TCS is a free service of the Government of Canada, helping companies to prepare for international markets, assess market potential, find qualified contacts and resolve business problems.

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