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Wind-Do Énergie

General informations

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6900 Boul. Gouin Est Suite 1201
Montréal (Québec) Canada H1G6L9
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Pierre Dumas
Title / function
Directeur, développement des affaires

Marketing factsheet

Twitter Pitch
Wind-Do offers energy synergy. A new way to use wind power.
Despite an interesting development, clean energy (wind and sun) are not yet cost-effective alternatives to fossil electricity, mainly because of their lack of reliability.

Moreover, other sources of GHG (heating, transport, etc.) are very little impacted by current technologies.
Our innovations:

1- Our intermediate turbines allow the use of components produced by thousands of factories. Production in large series allows significant cost reductions.
2- The size of our wind turbines eliminates the problems of visual and noise nuisance.
3- The modular configuration of our wind turbines makes it possible to optimize the design of each site according to its wind profile.
4- Our wind farms can be optimized according to the needs of the network, or vice versa prioritize the use of electricity on site to reduce the operating costs of a plant or a greenhouse.
The investment required to install one of our wind farms is within the reach of almost all farmers and small businesses.

We believe that the future of clean energy production requires a very wide diffusion of resources, which gives the electricity operator a much more consistent source of clean energy than large wind and solar power plants.

Our target clientele:

- Farmers who can double the profitability of their land by becoming energy producers.
- Companies that can significantly reduce their energy cost.
- Small communities that can thus reinvest locally a part of their energy expenses.
Value proposition
Our proposal differs in several points:

- We can offer a much more consistent clean energy source. For giant wind turbines, the average output will be between 30 and 40% of their nominal power. We can offer efficiencies of 40, 55 and often 70% to the network.

- Thanks to our modular wind turbines, we can optimize the design of our wind farms according to the wind profile of the site. This means, among other things, that we can profitably operate sites with lower wind potential.

- At the size of a tree, our wind turbines are without visual or audible nuisance. This implies that they can be installed in areas that have already refused to install giant wind turbines. For example, it would be possible to install several thousands of our engines on the island of Montreal.

- The design of wind farm in overcapacity allows on-site use of peaks of energy at almost no cost. For example, a farmer can sell his basic electricity production to the grid and transform his energy peaks into heat, which would allow heating greenhouses to 1/10 of the standard cost.
We have a letter of intent for the purchase and installation of more than 1,000 of our wind turbines in the Middle East and Asia. This letter includes a proposal for the exclusive distribution of our products in 15 countries of this region.
The president of Wind-Do Energy is Mr. Fariborz Saqafi, Chairman of 11 companies with offices in 15 countries of the Middle East. These companies are all related to the production of goods and services for electric operators.

The Executive Director, Mr. François Gagnon, is an industrial engineer who has been working in the field of renewable energies for 8 years.

Mr. Pierre Dumas, MBA, is CEO of REPEX and Vice President for Business Development.

Dr. Duncan Sanderson, Ph.D., is our communications and community development officer.