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WaterShed Monitoring

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Organization Address
686 Grande Allée Est Suite 3e étage
Québec (Québec) Canada G1R 2K5
Phone number
418 255-9477
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  • Water
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  • Water
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    Sonja Behmel
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    418 255-9477

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    WaterShed Monitoring: strategic coaching and cloud solutions for water management
    In a context of increased pressure on water resources, the collection of reliable data on water quality is becoming more and more important, as well as the exploitation and storage of the collected data. However, data exploitation and storage often pose major challenges to municipal, academic, consulting engineering and non-profit sector professionals.
    Because traditional methods for water quality data exploitation and storage are not able to adequately meet the needs of water stakeholders, WaterShed Monitoring has developed a multifunctional cloud database called Enki. This innovative system can handle all types of water-related data. The integration of spatial and temporal components, decision-support tools, as well as data aggregation and analytical functionalities gives great power to Enki, but the simple and intuitive web interface guarantees its accessibility and usability.
    Water quality management is a growing market worldwide considering the intensification of human pressure on resources and the complexity of the processes involved. Current and potential clients thus include governments and municipal authorities, engineering and environmental consulting firms, watershed organizations, academic institutions and research centres, analytical laboratories, as well as measuring apparatus manufacturers and distributors. As regards the geographical market, WaterShed Monitoring is well established in Québec, and it has opened an office in Germany in 2016 to market Enki in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
    Value proposition
    WaterShed Monitoring is a partner of water stakeholders’ know-how, offering its expertise and proprietary software, Enki, to help optimize the conduct of their business. In so doing, the company offers real opportunities to increase productivity and reduce costs in water management. By facilitating water quality data exploitation and storage, the company helps generate the knowledge necessary to achieve more effective water governance, adequately manage and protect water resources and make better decisions in the areas of scientific research, resource management and local government. Today Enki is used to manage all data and information about the St. Charles River watershed, the main drinking water supply for the City of Québec. Enki is also the focus of an important project implemented in the context of the City of Québec’s technological showcase programme.
    Since the start-up of the business in 2013, several economic development agencies have been successfully approached, allowing to obtain a major grant from the non-profit geomatics organization TECTERRA, a loan from the organization for women entrepreneurs Femmessor and funding from Canada Economic Development. The excellence, credibility and originality of the company and its leaders were also recognized on many occasions, including at the C2 Montreal Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest (winner, April 2016), Enactus Canada’s 2016 Student Entrepreneur Contest (provincial champion, March 2016), the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest for the National Capital Region (winner, May 2015) and the Business Creators Contest of Québec Chamber of Commerce and Industry (finalist, April 2015). In addition, WaterShed Monitoring was the subject of two full-page articles in Le Soleil, the main French-language daily newspaper in Québec City (May 2016 and October 2015), and the company has participated in numerous high-profile major international events like TECTERRA’s TECNOVATE16 Geomatics Showcase, the C2 Montreal conference and IFAT 2016 (the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management).
    The success of WaterShed Monitoring lies largely on the dynamism and competence of its CEO, Ms. Sonja Behmel. In 2005, after a distinguished career in tourism, Ms. Behmel began a university curriculum in environment. The innovative nature of her master’s project then led her to take a leadership role in water management across the Québec City region. In 2013, as she wished to market new technological solutions for water quality management, Ms. Behmel founded WaterShed Monitoring by partnering with Hervé Dandjinou, Rüdiger Behmel and Christian Saraïlis, who are highly competent and motivated academics and business people.