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General informations

Organization Address
2284 rue de la Province
Longueuil (Québec) Canada J4G 1G1
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Primary sector
  • Renewable Energy
  • Year's creation


    Nicolas Major-Lacombe
    Title / function
    Responsable canaux de vente/Channel Sales Manager

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    Vizimax develops solutions to improve and preserve the stability of electric systems, and smoothly integrate renewable energy to the grid
    VIZIMAX’s solutions meet both energy market’s biggest challenges and increasing customer requirements to become masters of their own energy. The key to our success is to continuously helping our customers to achieve clean and stable energy generation, transmission and distribution, while getting the most out of their existing infrastructures with the rapidly increasing worldwide power demand.
    We help our clients to better control, monitor and master their energy related equipment to minimize their capital expenditures and increase their operating income while getting the most out of their existing infrastructures. Our solutions are designed to meet the new challenges of the industry such as grid code compliance, sustainability of infrastructures, support of new technologies, and integration of renewable energies while making the most of existing assets. Our products can be used on any brand of new or existing equipment, resulting in critical assets protection, equipment lifespan extension, and reduced investment cost.
    VIZIMAX has distribution partners in over 20 countries to supply and support local markets. Renewables, electric utilities and electrified railways are among VIZIMAX’s main markets. We are also active with system integrators and EPC companies who chose our solutions for their projects. Our customer base includes major energy actors such as Utilities, independent power producers, industries and major energy actors all over the world such as Hydro-Quebec, BC Hydro, Manitoba-Hydro, New York Power Authority, Power Grid Corporation of India, Tenega Nasional, DME, CEMIG, Western Power, RTE, National Grid, Red Electrica de Espana, Sorgenia, Enel, RAECO, CFE, SNCF, EDF, Rio Tinto, Elkem, Saudi Aramco, ABB, Siemens, Alstom, Schneider Electric, Hyosung...
    Value proposition
    VIZIMAX is a manufacturer that develops unique solutions for niche markets. VIZIMAX has the advantages of being able to rapidly develop new products or features to meet with new requirements for the industry. Unlike our competitors, we offer manufacturer agnostic solutions that allow our clients to use our products on any brand of new or existing equipment. Also, our products leverage the clients’ existing equipment while allowing a shift to new technologies and standards. We offer cost-effective solutions which protect users’ critical assets, extend their lifespan, and reduce their investment. One of VIZIMAX latest achievement is EDF EN Canada’s Mont-Rothery windfarm project. By providing SynchroTeq™ world leading Controlled Switching Device patent solution, RightWON™ substation automation controller and Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) technology, VIZIMAX’s solutions allows for the windfarm to regulate the network voltage when connected to Hydro-Quebec’s grid. VIZIMAX has also developed a new product lines designed in compliance with top industry's standards: Analog Merging Unit (AMU). The demand for these products is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.
    2015 Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada, Premio Venezia prize for ‘’Investment and exportation’’ category

    2013 STIQ, Podium Aluminium prize for ‘’Innovation and creativity using aluminium’’ category
    Jean-Guy Lacombe, President and CEO. With over 30 years of experience in high-technology, Mr. Lacombe founded, acquired and headed several successful companies in high-technology and telecommunications sector.
    Pierre Taillerfer, CTO. With 33 years of experience in the design of real time remote data acquisition, he has developed new hardware products with superior functionality using the latest advances in technology.
    Laurent Poutrain, COO. With over 26 years of experience working in the industrial automation network and energy sector, his control, supervisory and remote automation experience allows him to oversee business operations and partnership developments