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Systèmes Nordry

General informations

Organization Address
3709 boulevard de la pinière
Terrebonne (Québec) J6X 0A9
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Primary sector
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Secondary sector
  • Air
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    Martin Gagné
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    Twitter Pitch
    The Nordry systems allow to improve the efficiency of the drying process of wood, which are often a bottleneck.
    In recent years, there has been an attraction for energy efficiency. Meanwhile, manufacturers are not working to their full potential more often than not. Therefore Nordry's primary mission is to help customers become more productive, it combines energy efficiency with generating better economic returns.
    The Nordry system substantially reduces the consumption of fossil fuels dried production unit improves productivity for drying processes by reducing time, increasing production capacity, and better control the drying processes and incidentally the quality of dried wood. Hard dried wood is downgraded to other uses if its strength or appearance do not meet customer specifications. The system works in three-phase electricity.
    All industries that use wood dryers, particularly value-added wood.
    Value proposition
    Substantial reduction in drying times, improved drying quality (accuracy), reduction of discoloration rate and decommissioning, reducing energy costs by over 70% and substantially reduced emissions.
    Martin Gagné, President and project developer
    mechanical engineer and consultant for over 25 years, he has conducted numerous interventions in manufacturing companies in the field of wood.
    Gaétan Cloutier, Vice President Operations & refrigeration. He has 32 years of experience in companies using refrigeration and air conditioning systems, both manufacturing and trading. Yvan Lessard, Mill Wright. He has twenty years experience in manufacturing with welding processes, folding, and assembly.