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Recyc PHP

General informations

Organization Address
2575 St-Joseph Suite 28A
Drummondville (Qc) Canada J2B7V4
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Primary sector
  • Waste
  • Secondary sector
  • Water
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    Daniel Fortin

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    Specialist for the process of industrial reject of diapers in order to develop solutions for liquid waste treatment
    Our post-industrial diapers rejects recycling services gives an opportunity for the diapers manufacturers to avoid landfill of thousand of tons of good material.
    Our reclaimed absorbent materials can be used in the contaminated water management or in flood management. We can also make absorbent products that will meet your requirements.
    Our technology allow us to well reclaim all materials used in the manufacturing of diapers.
    We are supplying reclaimed absorbent materials but we also share our experience in the usage of sodium polyacrylate to develop new solutions for the management of contaminated water. We have to mention that the sodium polyacrylate can absorb up to 200 times his weight in water.
    From our reclaim process, we also supply bales of reclaimed fluff pulp and bales of shredded plastic film (ldpe, ldpp).
    We are exporting 95% of the recycled material we have processed. The main market is for the manufacturing of new hygiene products.
    We also sell materials for the contaminated water management and as raw material in the manufacturing of new products.
    Value proposition
    We are specialist in a very specific market which is the recycling of post-industrial diapers rejects. At our knowledge, there are less than 20 company in this sector worldwide.
    We keep very close long term relation with our suppliers to assure a long term supply. We help future clients that want to use our material to develop their applications. We also design our own solutions for the liquid waste management in sector like restauration and aerospace.
    We are looking for clients/partners in North East of North America in order to avoid shipping good material overseas.
    Daniel Fortin, engineer, more than 25 years of experience. Founder of Recyc PHP in 2006.
    Before that, have worked in the machine design and as a process engineer.