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9500 Meilleur Suite 601
Montréal (QUEBEC) Canada H2N 2B7
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  • Waste
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  • Renewable Energy
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    Jocelyn Doucet
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    Mixed plastics microwave upcycling technology for production of waxes and monomers
    Only 8% of plastics generated today are recycled due to presence of contaminants in the feed. Current recyclers are also facing tremendous pressure due to the small size of the recycled plastic market as well as the variabilityof the price for recycled resins.
    Using patented microwave technology, Pyrowave places small, modular units directly onsite at recycling facilities and at producers of plastic waste. Pyrowave’s technology produces higher value end products such as wax and monomers that are purchased by the plastic manufacturers for production of new plastics.
    Sorting facility, plastic manufacturers, plastic recyclers, oil companies.
    Value proposition
    Machine is leased or put on consignment at the operator's site.

    Pyrowave handles the output liquid product and sends it to its key partners that will refine and reuse the product for manufacturing new plastics. A portion of the value obtained for the products is returned to machine operators.

    The market size for the output products is enormous and the price obtained for such products is more stable as it is a commodity. This provides a more stable revenue source for machine operator and allows them so secure larger volumes of feedstocks.
    Jocelyn Doucet, CEO
    Samah Garringer, COO
    Jean-Philippe Laviolette, Engineering manager