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Pyrobiom Énergies

General informations

Organization Address
1053 boul. Ducharme
La Tuque (Québec) Canada G9X 3C3
Phone number
+1 (418) 333-6223
Primary sector
  • Renewable Energy
  • Secondary sector
  • Green Chemistry
  • Year's creation


    Mustapha Ouyed

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    Pyrobiom is working to becoming the largest Quebec producer of residual forest biomass based bioproducts
    Large carbon emitters are looking for ways to reduce the financial impact of carbon market regulations to ensure business continuity and maintain competitiveness.
    Pyrobiom Énergies develops installs and operates facilities that process residual biomass to produce solid (biochar), liquid (pyrolysis oil) and gaseous (syngas) products that are then used as bioenergy to replace fossil fuels at large industrial facilities or district energy systems. Pyrobiom Énergies products can be used for green chemistry productions as well as agriculture.
    Our products first targets are large industrial facilities that need to reduce carbon regulations compliance costs by having access to low carbon energy sources. Our business model allows us to provide these products at a competitive price to compete with heavy oil (bunker) as well as coal. Our competitivity will be increased with the increase of global oil price.

    Our products have also a very low sulfur content. That is why our first client is a cement facility located in Quebec as these industrial activities are covered by stringent sulfur as well as carbon emissions regulations