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Marmott Énergies

General informations

Organization Address
1966 Graham Suite 200
Mont-Royal (Québec) Canada H3R 1H3
Phone number
514 340-5001
Primary sector
  • Renewable Energy
  • Secondary sector
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Year's creation


    Nathalie Tremblay
    Title / function
    Présidente fondatrice
    514 340-5001

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    Marmott Energies revolutionizes access to residential geothermal energy to leave a greener planet for future generations.
    Heating and cooling account for nearly 70% of the energy consumption of Quebec households. The latter are increasingly concerned about reducing their ecological footprint but they are also seeking to reduce their energy bills, which are continuously increasing. The two goals often seem contrary.
    Geothermal energy is an optimal solution since this is a high-end and eco-friendly energy system. Marmott Energy offers a turnkey solution by investing between $ 25,000 and $ 40,000 in the installation and maintenance of the geothermal system of its customers in return for a fee payable monthly. It also takes responsibility for the removal of the existing system. This allows its customers to significantly reduce their environmental footprint while reducing their average monthly energy bill. What seemed unachievable is now within reach for the majority of home owners.
    Owners of existing residential properties with less than 5 floors of Quebec are Marmott Energies’ key customers. All houses can be converted to geothermal energy but the ones that use oil or bi-energy with a central forced air system will reach the most savings. Similarly, regardless of their current energy provider(s), customers planning to replace their heat pump or oil furnace are also good candidates for savings with Marmott Energies.
    Value proposition
    By investing in its customers’ geothermal systems Marmott Energies revolutionizes access to this form of energy. Simply said, we invest and our customers save.

    The benefits to our customers are numerous: unparalleled comfort all year round as geothermal energy is highly effective for both heating and cooling; reduction of the average monthly energy bills; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the benefit of future generations; elimination of service fee and equipment replacement costs; withdrawal of noisy heat pumps in communities and eradication of the risk associated with the presence of oil or natural gas in homes.

    Geothermal energy is a high-end eco-friendly energy system that uses local and renewable energy from the ground to meet the heating and cooling needs of your home. Small pipes are inserted into the soil at depths of 50 to 600 feet. An ultra-silent heat pump installed in the basement recovers energy from the ground and distributes it through a forced air or hot water system.
    Marmott Energies is a member of the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition.
    Nathalie H. Tremblay is President and Founder of Marmott Energies. She knows very well the environmental technology sector having led the environmental sector of Fonds de Solidarité du Québec(FTQ) and EnviroCapital funds. She has served on several boards including SAQ, Hydro Quebec, Enviro-Access and Earth Day. She directed two manufacturing companies and acted as strategic advisor to SMEs and NPOs. Marmott Energies is supported by nineteen entrepreneurs and experienced professionals from ‘Anges Québec’, a network of private investors that identifies, finances and supports innovative companies with high growth potential in Quebec.