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130 Paul-Gauguin
Candiac (QC) Canada J5R 6X2
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    Indoor Vegetable farm for high density organic urban culture
    Our solution is part of a global approach to reduce pesticide and CO2 in agriculture. We facilitate local and organic crop, augment food independence, proximity, freshness, quality and price for the consumer. We reduce to the minimum the release and impact for the environment.
    Our technology offer a solution to grow food anywhere in the world and run through automation with a low labor cost. The production is stable, year-round protected from insect and illness. The plants coming from our system have an extraordinary quality and are price competitive. We control the total environment of the plant giving the best plant possible and even improve some of its benefits.
    Our clients are very diverse and composed of people already growing diversifying or extend their revenue. It is composed of company that want to secure and control their supply of fresh vegetable. Investor also search to get good yield out of their investment in the food industry. Our system also is part of a global solution to optimize the production of clean energy by modulating our consumption day and night with the available energy surpluses.
    Value proposition
    We’ve developed a unique integrated technology of plant management that give the opportunity to grow organic plant indoor. We have multiple patent and partnership that protect multiples aspect of the technology in multiples market. We have partners for all deployment everywhere in Canada.