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3435 Blvd. Pitfield
Saint Laurent (Quebec) Canada H4S 1H7
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    jean-francois labbe
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    Ecolomondo (TSX-V: ECM) has developed a cleantech that decomposes hydrocarbon waste, such as tires and plastics, and commercializes it.
    Ecolomondo's technology addresses 2 market issues when decomposing hydrocarbon waste: reduce the volume of waste and produce end-products. These end-products (namely oil and carbon black) are of high quality and marketable. Their production reduces the need to produce additional materials and avoids 95% greenhouse gases.
    Ecolomondo's technology is a cleantech thermal decomposition technology. After they are inserted into a rotary reactor, hydrocarbon waste are heated in the absence of oxygen under low positive pressure. The waste is decomposed into oil, carbon black and gases. The latter are used to heat the following batch, so the process is self-sufficient energetically. Even better, the process is clean, with low emissions (well below standards), does not use water and recycles the waste completely.
    Ecolomondo sells turnkey plants that utilize its technology. The 2 groups of clients are (1) manufacturers of products that need or want to eliminate their end-of-life products, and (2) government agencies or recycling organizations and companies that want to exploit a specific opportunity.
    Value proposition
    Ecolomondo's technology is a world-leading technology in its industry. We have not identified any other technology that is as clean, efficient and profitable, in the world. Formal agreements plan for the construction of a 2-reactor facility in Ontario in 2018 and, later, another 4-reactor facility in USA (New Jersey).
    Ecolomondo's technology has been reviewed and audited by numerous independent experts, including Polytechnique Montreal and the Institute For Chemicals and Fuels From Alternative Resources of Western University.
    President & CEO: Eliot Sorella, B.Com., experienced entrepreneur, who owns Futurplast, which is the North-American leader of plastic extrusion, acquired Ecolomondo in 2009 and brought it to TSX-V in 2017.
    COO: Me Jean-François Labbé, MBA, LL.M., has previously been a strategy consultant and manager in the USA and an entrepreneur in scrap tire recycling.
    CFO: Donald Prinsky, CPA, CA, has been a partner in a leading accounting firm and VP Finances of a large real estate organization.