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General informations

Organization Address
3905, rue Lesage
Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada
Phone number
1 819 200-3835
Primary sector
  • Water
  • Year's creation


    Mohamed Laaroussi
    Title / function
    1 819 200-3835

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    E2Metrix is specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative equipment for treatment of wastewater.
    For sectors such as municipal water treatment, food processing, dairy processing, pulp and paper, and manure, meeting effluent discharge objectives (EDO) can be tricky.
    Equipment offered by our company is universal and adaptable. The equipment of E2Metrix consists in a reactor which uses electrocoagulation-electroflotation for the treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater, by reducing orthophosphates, ammonia nitrogen, TSS, oils and grease as well as BOD5 and COD. The solution is based on the application of electric current through a device comprising an anode (sacrified and / or inert) and a cathode (steel or the same type as the anode).
    E2metrix offers a range of products that allows the treatment of industrial wastewater from dairies, cheese factories, slaughterhouses, mining, etc, municipal as well as domestic wastewater.
    Value proposition
    Advantages of our technology are:
    •No chemical added, only a small amount of electricity
    •It reduces the volume of sludge produced
    •It eliminates all forms of microorganisms and other toxic products promoting the safe disposal of treated water in aquatic environments
    •It contributes to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by eliminating the transport of coagulants and flocculants
    •It generates treated sludge that are considered of higher classes
    •Treatment of industrial wastewater by electrocoagulation is more efficient and less costly compared to coagulation conventional treatment