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Corporation Larvatria

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50, rue St-Charles O Suite 100
Longueuil (Qc) Canada J4H 1C6
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  • Green Chemistry
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    Gilles-André Bouchard
    Title / function
    Président du Conseil

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    insect production for feedstock purposes as well as the capture of all valuable chemical by-products
    Larvatria offers a natural, renewable and competitive alternative to the traditional livestock food industry using fish meal and oil supplements.
    Our exclusive processes ensure the viability of our oceans all the while providing effective food traceability and CO2 reductions on a scale of international proportions.
    Insect based meal is rich in all essential oils and vitamins as well the required proteins for a healthy and balanced diet. Since the beginning of time, insects have been the foundation of the food chain. Their fats are rich in Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which greatly stimulates growth in many species, such as fish, chicken, pigs et al.
    All actors in the livestock food industry and the pet industry.
    Value proposition
    The practise of intensive harvesting from the sea in order to provide nutrients for livestock is ravaging our oceans. The reduction of fish stock for human consumption and the increase demand for petrol to go farther and farther out at sea to find fish are two consequences of this growing problem which affect every person's cost of living and will continue to do so for generations to come if we are unable to address it in time. Larvatria proposes a time proven solution which is to use insect protein instead of fish. Insect protein is readily available and can be cultivated on substances that are not in conflict with human or other animal consumption needs. With our processes, we are able to furnish feedstock operators large quantities of insect meal on a daily basis at a competitive pricing
    Gilles-André Bouchard,