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Carnot Réfrigération

General informations

Organization Address
8500 Boul. Industriel
Trois-Rivières (Quebec) Canada G9A 5E1
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Primary sector
  • Energy Efficiency
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    Marc-André Lesmerises
    Title / function
    Président Directeur Général

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    The most experimented transcritical CO2 system provider in America, for supermarkets, industrial refrigerated warehouse and ice rinks.
    Public awareness and regulatory instances are more and more concerned about activities which generate Greenhouses gas (GHG). In the past few years, the increasing total cost of ownership of conventional HFCs systems has pushed the end users to look for an innovative solution. It would solve the recurring issue of dealing with those chemical gases that are harmful for the environment.
    To be able to sell in a market where no standard put pressure on users of HFCs, Carnot had to fully think and develop a system on the basis of a vision by its founders:
    - A simpler and smaller system
    - A lower total cost of ownership system
    - A lower energy consumption system
    - An easy to export solution
    - Heat recovery
    Our solution uses only natural coolants. The expertise of our employees allows each project custom designer. Carnot produces the system, provides the coordination of the entire system (with local contractors) and provides the maintenance of the system remotely.
    Actual customers are majors Canadian and US food whole sellers and retailers that have coast to coast operations. Refrigerated warehouse owners and operators are also among our customer. The municipalities that are operating recreational ice rinks and need to convert their CFCs (R-22) or ammonia installations is another major market for us. We are now developing an innovative solution for a major data room operator.
    Value proposition
    - With the biggest number of installations in operation in North America, Carnot leads the transcritical CO2 solution market.
    - Day by day, the engineering team optimizes the solution in order to fit the exact parameters of each project.
    - We have also done many retrofit in existing facilities without interruption to the ongoing operations of our client.
    - The system required a minimum foot print in the facilities and it is possible to switch to that new technology without enlarging the mechanical room.
    - After the engineering and manufacturing phase, we coordinate all the steps for the training of the teams involved in the installation and the operation of that new technology.
    - The design of the entire system is done in order to minimize the components required during the installation. All the components required for the maintenance are easy to find in all conventional parts distributors.
    - Our systems generate carbon credits that are eligible for various carbon markets.
    - Corporate Knights 2012, Cleantech Next 10 (The 10 most promising startups).
    - Prix Radisson 2012, Innovation et développement technologique de Trois Rivières.
    - ASHRAE’S BEST 2010, Technology Award, First place: Industrial facilities or process, new.