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Brais, Malouin et Associés (BMA)

General informations

Organization Address
144 rue Barr
St-Laurent (Quebec) Canada H4T 1Y4
Phone number
Primary sector
  • Renewable Energy
  • Secondary sector
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Year's creation


    Jacky Roy

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    BMA is an engineering consulting firm specialized in combustion, CFD, renewable energy, and energy efficiency for industrial applications
    Offer cost-effective solutions through the optimization of all types of thermal systems in order to reduce an installation's environmental footprint by reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.
    The combined multidisciplinary experience and know-how of our team in combustion and energy, allows us to develop a large variety of customized solutions and products to address a specific challenge. Our tools also include CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), a virtual test bench used to diagnose and resolve complex problems in industrial thermal processes.
    BMA has successfully completed projects for both large and small scale industry, both here in Canada and internationally. Our team can be involved in all phases of a project, from feasibility to implementation, up to final commissioning, for either greenfield sites or retrofit installations.
    We are active in the following industrial sectors:
    o Power generation
    o Mines and metals
    o Petrochemical
    o Pulp and paper
    o Waste to energy
    o Thermal equipment manufacturing
    We deal with all types of fuel including oil, natural gas, biomass, biogas, biofuels, and other waste gaseous, liquid, or solid fuels.
    Value proposition
    BMA's mission is to combine technical know-how with practical experience in energy engineering, combustion and CFD with the goal of developing novel solutions that, at the same time, benefit the environment and are economical for our clients.
    We prefer to develop long-term relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers by fostering trust and establishing confidence in our expertise.
    Professional and personal growth, teamwork, commitment, and the embracing of other cultures are at the heart of BMA's core values.
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    Training accreditation:
    Course title: "Principes de combustion et chaudières industrielles"
    Organization: Genium 360, network of services for engineering professionals
    • Normand Brais, P.Eng., Ph.D., Founder and Business development
    • Louis-Michel Malouin, P.Eng., M.Eng., Associate and Biomass specialist
    • Guy de Carufel, P.Eng., M.Eng., Associate and Director of operations
    • Jacky Roy, P.Eng., Project Development Manager
    • Debbie Soriano, P.Eng., M.Sc., Senior Project Manager and Accredited trainer for Genium 360
    • Eric Duplain, Eng., M. Eng., CFD Specialist

    The rest of the team consists of specialized engineers, capable of providing hands-on technical assistance at the client's site, with over 20 years of international experience exporting our know-how in the specialized field of combustion.