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Biothermica Technologies

General informations

Organization Address
426, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal (Quebec) Canada
Phone number
514 488-3881
Primary sector
  • Air
  • Secondary sector
  • Renewable Energy
  • Year's creation


    Guillaume Lacroix
    Title / function
    Directeur général

    Marketing factsheet

    Twitter Pitch
    Biothermica develops, finances, builds and operates carbon and energy infrastructure projects.
    Methane from landfills and underground coal mines is a ressource from which significant value can be extracted through the generation of carbon credits and/or energy.
    These projects require a strong expertise from a technological and operational standpoint as well as experience in terms of project development and financing.
    Expertise applied to landfill gas management:
    - Landfill gas evaluation and characterization:geo-referenced surface sampling technology;
    - Design, construction and operation of landfill gas collection and destruction systems;
    - Design, construction and operation of landfill gas power plants;
    - Carbon and energy project development and financing;
    - Carbon credit and energy sales.
    Expertise applied to coal mine ventilation air methane (VAM):
    - VAMOX® technology for the destruction of VAM;
    - Carbon project development and financing;
    - Carbon credit monetization.
    Biothermica partners: landfill sites and underground coal mines.
    Biothermica is the owner and operator of the Gazmont landfill gas power plant (25 MW) located on the city of Montreal's landfill site, in Canada.
    Biothermica also developed, financed and implemented the first coal mine ventilation air methane (VAM) destruction project at an active coal mine in the U.S. Based on the company’s VAMOX® technology, this project has been in full operation since March 2009 at Waler Energy's Mine No. 4 in Alabama, USA. More than 80,000 tons of CO2 equivalent of GHG emissions have been abated by the project, which is registered with the rigorous Climate Action Reserve carbon standard, based in California.
    Value proposition
    Biothermica offers landfill sites and underground coal mines a flexible range of options to extract value from the methane emitted by their facilities, including:
    • Joint venture: Biothermica and the mine share project investment, costs and revenues
    • Royalty: No investment is required by the mine which benefits from royalty payments
    2012 - Finalist, Later Stage Clean Technology Award (GCCA) 2010 - Phénix de l'Environnement (Government of Québec) 2008 - Finalist, Énergia award (AQME, Québec)
    Guy Drouin, Ing., MBA
    President - General manager.
    Active over the past (30) years in the design, development and commercialization of clean technologies and projects.