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Discover sustainable and cost-effective solutions for local governments


From June 19th to 22nd, the ICLEI World Congress will host more than 1,000 participants from cities around the world committed to sustainable development. For the occasion, Écotech Québec will host, under its clean technologies pavilion, 8 Quebec companies that will showcase their offer to municipal and government representatives from abroad.




Thanks to its Active Stop-Start hybrid electrical system, Effenco enables vocational truck fleet operators (garbage, recycling, delivery, cherry pickers) to eliminate fuel consumption related to idling. Fuel consumption drops by 30%, GHG emissions are cut by 19 to 28 metric tons per year, and maintenance costs are reduced.


K2 Geospatial’s solutions connect, consolidate, and publish data that is often managed and stored in silos throughout different systems. Employees and citizens can easily access the information and analyze it in real time to make informed decisions. Our solutions are used by municipalities, regional governments, ports, airports, road authorities, railways, public utilities, and natural resource companies. K2’s solutions are powered by JMap, a map based integration platform designed to connect silos and offer user-friendly interfaces destined to non-technical users. JMap is deployed and used by hundreds of organizations in North, South and Central America as well as in Europe.



LockBird is the first intelligent turret that can detect, position and remove unwanted birds through optical projection. Its repulsive laser technology for birds is the most advanced in the world. Safe, quiet, innovative and self-sufficient, Lockbird products have proven to be the most effective way to repel wild birds in an environmentally friendly way. Since its creation, the company has won several awards and has captured the attention of many media.




Nordresa designs, manufactures and markets electric propulsion systems for commercial vehicles. Its products significantly reduce the vehicle's GHG emissions, while saving up to 80% in operating costs (fuel and maintenance). Nordresa offers its customers a truck built on ISUZU chassis or on Ford E450 chassis with a range of over 240km. The company is currently working with different partners to be able to offer a 100% electric truck. Competing with the biggest in the industry, its systems are designed in Quebec and are mostly exported (90%).



Polystyvert has developed an innovative technology that can recycle polystyrene in a closed loop. The PS is dissolved in a concentrator containing a non-toxic essential oil, installed on-site of PS waste generators, such as a company, an eco-center, a sorting center. The PS is then dissolved and converted into high quality recycled PS pellets at Polystyvert and then reintroduced to the market. This process drastically reduces GHG emissions and PS transportation costs. This process also recycles contaminated PS, including flame retardants, industrially. Polystyvert has also developed other innovations, such as separation of dissolved PS from its solvent, and purification. The recycling method of Polystyvert is more efficient, ecological and economical compared to existing methods. Currently, the PS is not or very little recycled.




Sweet Gazoil specializes in the processing of waste plastics and waste oils, producing quality fuels that can be sold using patented technologies. With extensive engineering experience in the refinery field, the company consults and provides the means to build efficient micro-refineries for the treatment of heterogeneous hydrocarbons. Sweet Gazoil is the solution for the Chinese crisis, because it can profitably transform mixed and dirty plastics into easily salable fuels. Sweet Gazoil uses continuous pyrolysis processes, which can process materials that no other can process in this way. These processes are based on antifouling technologies, protected by 14 patents and more than 20 applications. Operations can be very profitable, not only for the environment but also for investors and / or cities.



Technologies Ecofixe specializes in the treatment of wastewater by biological treatment. The company develops and designs solutions focused on process performance, energy savings and no chemicals. The company is also distinguished by its approach of accompanying to its clients. The ECOFIXE system is a technology that increases the treatment capacity of existing aerated ponds. It’s a modular, easy-to-install, and energy-efficient system that meets the optimization needs of municipal facilities.




Waste Robotics incorporates advanced waste treatment processes. Computer vision, learning algorithms (Deep Learning) and advanced robotic technologies enable smaller, more accurate, safer and more cost effective waste recycling facilities.