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Clean technology, also known as cleantech, green technologies, greentech, eco-innovations, ecotechnologies and ecotech, are part of a sustainable development outlook that includes new products, services, technologies and processes that:

        Significantly reduce negative impacts on the environment (environmentally effective)

        Offer users superior performance at a lower cost (economically superior)

        Help improve quality of life by optimizing resource use (socially responsible)


With these Assets, Québec can Become a Leader in Cleantech:

  • A large territory rich in natural resources
  • Leadership in the battle against climate change
  • Dynamic Research and Development
  • A solid, growing core of innovative businesses
  • Enlightened energy choices
  • Concrete initiatives to encourage sustainable mobility
  • A motivated community of investors

In Québec, there are approximately a thousand organisations linked to cleantech, including 350 innovative companies and 200 public research groups.  Discover them in our interactive map.


The challenge facing the evolution of Québec’s economy is to accelerate the development of cleantech in order to benefit local companies and to export this expertise internationally in a concerted manner.  In this way, the cleantech industry will become even more strategic to the green economy, further advancing the prosperity of Québec.


A Glimpse of Cleantech in Québec


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