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EnergyHack - Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities
September 28, 2019 - Écotech Québec

EnergyHack - Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities

Are you looking for real energy efficiency challenges faced by actual cities (The Borough of Saint -Laurent and Varennes)? Ecotech Québec in collaboration with Climate KIC (DK) is proud to introduce you the first edition of the hackathon inspired event EnergyHack- Energy Efficiency and Smart City, thanks to a financial contribution from the Ministère des Relations internationales and la francophonie and our partner Air Canada, on September 28th in Montreal. Registration is FREE but please note that spaces are limited.





So, what is Energyhack ?


Planned and though like a hackathon, EnergyHack will allow you to provide solutions to two energy efficiency challenges faced by the city of Varennes and The Borough of Saint Laurent (Montreal). During the event, cities databases (including their energy consumptions, GES emissions and architectural designs) will be in open access in order for you to integrate artificial intelligence to your solutions. Those solutions could then be integrated by the cities to implement an efficient energy and resource management plan.


Innovation sectors targeted: energy efficiency and artificial intelligence

Who should register to this event:  we are looking for students and graduates, innovators, startups, research centers, associations, large companies professionals dealing in the fields of engineering, architecture, energy, urban planning, sustainable development and artificial intelligence





- The two winning teams (one by challenge) will have the chance to partner with executives from the Borough of Saint Laurent and Varennes in order to potentially implement their solution in a real environment.

- Thanks to Air Canada and CLEAN Denmark, the EnergyHack winners will participate at the Smart City Expo World Congress, unique meeting point for all of the ecosystem of smart cities.



Two cities looking for innovative..and intelligent solutions !


City #1 – The Borough of Saint-Laurent (Montréal)


  • Challenge description : how to implement an intelligent venting system with a window opening control option into an existing building?
    The Borrough of Saint-Laurent wishes to implement an intelligent ventilation system into one of his building. The system will be based on actual observational data to provide optimal ventilation parameters that will have to account for occupant comfort, outdoor temperatures, and the ability to open windows when requested... 
    More details available here.


City #2 - Varennes

  • Challenge description: How to integrate eco-efficient solutions to the construction of the city of Varennes’s new municipal workshop?
    The city of Varennes wants to improve the overall environmental performance of its new municipal workshop whose construction will begin before the end of the year. More details available here.

Day's Programme - Saturday Septembre 28th 2019



 Opening registration - individual participants



 Opening registration - teams



 Opening remarks – Denis Leclerc, president et CEO of Écotech Québec

 Opening introduction – David Rheault, Managing Director, Government and Community Relations - Air Canada 

 Challenge presentation – Alan DeSousa, Mayor - Borought of Saint-Laurent

 Challenge presentation – Martin Damphousse - Varennes



 Beginning of the EnergyHack!



 Workshops (participation is recommended):

 - Mentor: Artificial intelligence

 - Mentor: Entrepreneurship: how to pitch your idea?

 - Mentor: Cities experts and their challenges



Inspirational speech from a successful entrepreneur - Nadia Koukoui, CEO - Watergeeks



Resume of the EnergyHack



Team pitch (5 minutes each with a PowerPoint presentation)



Jury deliberation



Announcement of the winner by the cities representatives






  • Team of individual registration

Individual participants will be asked to complete some additional questions that will help us to pair them with the right team.

  • Datas for each challenge will be provided one day in advance.
  • Personnal coaching will be available all day

City representatives and mentors will be there all day to answer your questions, so that you can create the best solutions for each challenge!

  • What to bring: please bring you own tech (at least one laptop per team)




Date: Saturday, September 28th, from 8 AM to 6:30 PM

Location: Shopify, 490 de la Gauchetière O street, Montréal

Food and drink: supplied by the organisers

Metro station: Square Victoria - OACI


Questions? Contact:

Gabrielle Leclerc-Vincent

Project manager- Communication, Écotech Québec