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Entre Preneurs d'idées
June 4, 2019 to June 4, 2019 - Écotech Québec

Entre Preneurs d'idées

On Tuesday June 4th at the CDPQ space, discover cutting-edge technologies to strengthen your competitiveness and stand out from the competition! Écotech Québec is partnering with Univalor and university technology transfer offices to unveil technologies that will be presented by those who commercialized them. You do not want to miss this Entre Preneurs d’idées rendez-vous!




1:15   Welcoming 
1:30 Introduction : Denis Leclerc, Écotech Québec
1:45 Transfer of technology : Jean-Phillipe Valois, Aligo
2:00 Speed Dating, BLOCK 1 : Meetings with speakers from university development centers and research centers.
3:00 Pause
3:15 Speed dating, BLOC 2 : Meetings with speakers from university development centers and research centers.
4:30 Partnership success story: Jérôme Gosset, CLIMicals

Closing remarks


Networking cocktail


Recycling technology for polymer blends

The increase of renewable energy sources in the production of electricity causes more and more current variations. Traditional converters suffer the impacts which ultimately affects the performance of the entire network. The developed technology is a new converter assembly that rebalances power source power variations while ensuring optimal current quality.


Commercialization of waste from wastewater treatment 

Prof Barbeau's team has developed a process to recycle brine (usually used in large quantities in the treatment of drinking water) and to valorize organic matter naturally contained in surface water, as a value-added product in destination to agriculture.


EcoChip, Autonomous Microorganism Tracking Sensors

EcoChip is a platform of autonomous and wireless sensors whose purpose is the monitoring of microorganisms in their natural environments. The platform can simultaneously provide remote and continuous access to several physical characteristics of the analyzed environment in order to follow the real-time evolution of microorganism strains.


Precision Agriculture Management Software  

AGIRRSOL is a soil management software, using a complete and innovative set. The software has been developed to provide simplified information in the form of cards, as well as accurate recommendations on the areas to be treated on a given site. AGIRRSOL was developed and tested under real conditions for leafy vegetable growers in soils in the southern part of Quebec territory, where it has led to impressive productivity gains (15 to 20% salable yield + 10-80% in water savings according to periods of heat wave).


New process for manufacturing a biodegradable polymer with high added value

The technology makes it possible to produce in a simple and inexpensive way a biopolymer (chitosan) of very high quality from crustacean and insect residues. The process makes it possible to obtain a final product with very good mechanical and thermal properties.


Advanced absorbers for water treatment

A new method of manufacturing hydrogels from nanomaterials has been developed. This technology uses a green and energy-efficient manufacturing process and has the potential to improve industrial and residential water treatment. The hydrogel thus obtained makes it possible to treat a wide range of contaminants in water while being more robust than traditional hydrogels.


Information and registration


The event will take place at 3 Place Ville Marie, Suite 12350, Montreal, QC, H3A 0A8.


Thanks to the financial contribution of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the activity is free but registration is mandatory (see below).


For information, contact:

Amélie Bergeron



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