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How to Register?



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In the following 3 business days, you will receive an email confirming whether your organisation is eligible to become a member and the payment modalities.  There will also be complementary information to fill out for the marketing fact sheet which will appear on our website. (See examples in the cleantech section).

Note that your marketing factsheet will be visible on our website as soon as we receive it AND your payment.



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What Is my Membership  Fee?


Membership is based on the number of employees in the organization and covers the calendar year.

Starting on June 1st , the rate is automatically reduced by 50%.

SPECIAL START UP CONTRIBUTION: $ 52 per year, or $ 1 / week, for the first year.
If you think you qualify, send an email to before registering.

Employee Number Membership Fee
Less than 25 employees $250
25 to 100 employees $500
101 to 500 employees $750
More than 500 employees $1000