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Ecotech Quebec gets the Carbon Care Certification TM


This recognition developed by Enviro-access attests that an organization has completed an inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in accordance with ISO 14064-1, and has provided tangible evidences of initiatives to reduce its GHG emissions. Moreover, by offsetting its GHG emissions through the purchase 

of recognized carbon credits, Ecotech Quebec is officially carbon-neutral.


In 2014, Ecotech Quebec has voluntarily conducted its third GHG inventory. This exercise forced Ecotech Quebec to quantify and report its GHG footprint. Then, Ecotech Quebec offset its emissions by purchasing 28 verified carbon standards units (VCS) for projects located in Quebec. Among them: fuel conversions, solar walls and geometry systems installations, as well forest biomass valorization.


The quantification and the offset of Ecotech Quebec’s activities’ carbon footprint have been carried out with the collaboration of Will Solutions. The verification of the GHG inventory has been conducted  by Enviro-access.